Cookie Policy

The objective of YelloMonkey Labs is to provide businesses and digital agencies with a simple and intuitive method of connecting. In keeping with this objective, YelloMonkey Labs believes it’s critical to be upfront and transparent about the information we gather and utilize about you. This policy goes into great depth about how yellomonkey labs uses cookies on https://yellomonkeylabs/. (the “Site”). We also encourage you to look at our privacy statement. Any Yyellomonkey labs service that makes a reference to it or links to it is subject to this Cookie Policy.

You grant us permission to use the cookies stated in this Cookie Policy by using the Site. Despite the fact that the majority of browsers and devices are configured to accept cookies by default, you can typically adjust the settings to remove or disable cookies. By selecting “Manage Cookies,” you can alter your attitude toward cookies. However, if you disable cookies, certain aspects of our website might not function properly.

Does YelloMonkey Labs Use Cookies?

Yes. As Section 1.4 of our Privacy Policy explains, we use cookies and other technologies to make sure that everyone who uses yellomonkey labs has the best experience possible. We also use cookies to keep your account safe. By continuing to visit our site or use our services, you agree that cookies and other similar technologies can be used for the reasons we explain in this policy.

When does YelloMonkey Labs put cookies in place?

On yellomonkeylabs agency and other yellomonkey labs sites, we use cookies. When you visit these sites, your browser will get cookies from us. When you visit non-yellomonkey labs sites that host our plugins or tags, we also put cookies in your browser.

What kinds of cookies does YelloMonkey Labs use?

We use both session cookies and cookies that last for a long time. A persistent cookie lets us know that you are already a user, so you can come back to yellomonkey labs or use our services without having to sign in again. 

We use cookies because…

Cookies help yellomonkey labs recognize you when you come, remember your preferences, and provide you with a customized experience that is in line with your preferences. Additionally, cookies speed up and secure your interactions withyellomonkey labs. Also, cookies let us show you ads on and off of yellomonkey labs sites and give you personalized features through yellomonkey labs  plugins.

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