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We guarantee you premium support for every buyer of Impeka. Trust us, we know from first hand the true meaning of the word “Support”.

Graphic Designing

Designing is without a doubt an integral part of everything about your business that goes up on the digital platforms. The right palette, the right strokes, the right curves and lines- everything constitutes to bring together a graphic that will set your business and work apart.

Business Card

Design a business card that leaves an ever-lasting impression on every person you meet and provides you the opportunity to network in the most impressive way!


A brochure will set the tone for your business for your in person or online meetings while introducing your products. It also becomes a handbook for your users to refer to when required. We design that out-of-the-box brochure your users cannot ignore!


While a letterhead is used only for communication, your brand image can improve manifold with a good letterhead. It’s often the small things about a brand that catches the eye, letterhead being one of them. Our letterhead designs will grab them eyeballs!


A logo defines your company. A logo becomes the identity of your company. A logo creates the first impression of your company in the market. A logo remains with you forever. If you are starting a business and need that ever-lasting impression for your brand, we are here to draft that simple, chic, and representative logo for your business.

Print Ad

Deploying a mix of striking copy, and an impactful photo can very well be as good as any video.

Branding & Designing

A business requires its unique identity to sustain and leave a mark. It starts with branding and designing, the important pillars of your business’ identity. We have a team of branding experts that will add extra charm to all that makes your business what it is. There is creativity, there is uniqueness, and most importantly – originality.

The beauty of graphics is that it can immediately make you stand out among the crowd. It will set the tone for how your audience perceives you. The colors you choose will leave a long-lasting impression, and your logo will stick in people’s memory.

This, and more, makes it essential to choose the right set of designers to create that out-of-the-box graphics for your business, which our team of expert designers will do for you! We have a team that thinks beyond the usual, that envisions global, and believes in quality. Let’s bring these to your table!

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