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We aid in the delivery of custom web development projects that support business processes and improve customer connections by analyzing the company’s preferences, wants, and domain requirements in depth. We are pleased to develop web solutions that serve as an innovative foundation for your expansion.    

Types Of Custom Web Applications To Consider

There are countless ways in which businesses can utilize web applications to their advantage, including expanding into new markets, simplifying routine activities, and being more organized.

Here are some examples of custom web applications that you may choose to have made for your organization.

Common Solutions for Web Applications

Although it is technically possible to create a web application that does almost anything imaginable with a decent idea and a capable developer, the majority of web applications in use today fall into a small number of categories. Here are many of the most prevalent web application solutions.

E-Commerce Applications

If your business sells items or products, an online store might be an excellent method to make doing business with you more convenient for your clients. The world of e-commerce has been evolving at a rapid rate, and it has grown so ubiquitous that it is difficult to picture living without it.

Your existing website can be easily integrated with e-commerce applications. Mobile users now account for the majority of online purchasing traffic, and e-commerce applications make it easier to enhance user engagement and conversions. With simple navigation, detailed product images and descriptions, and an intuitive shopping cart, a well-designed e-commerce web app gives consumers the confidence to place orders while on the move.

Although off-the-shelf software solutions are available on the market today, they are typically simplistic and limited in scope. Web application developers can construct a specialized e-commerce platform that can accommodate more complex requirements, such as complex sales or return policies or several warehouses. Either these can be constructed from scratch or current e-commerce systems can be modified to match the specific requirements of your organization.

Web Applications We Create
Customized Web Applications

Custom web development provides the delivery of exclusive functionality to help you streamline workflows and expand your organization by addressing its specific requirements and needs.


Whether your objective is to increase online visibility, enhance the consumer experience, or establish brand credibility, our bespoke website creation services will assist you.

Cloud-based Web applications

Utilize the cloud computing environment to develop highly scalable web applications with expanded functionality that run in the cloud.

Enterprise Systems 

Web development offers businesses a vast selection of software tailored to their company processes, such as insurance claims management and inventory management.


Progressive Web App development is an excellent alternative to native app development since it enables the creation of software that functions on various devices despite a weak internet connection.

eCommerce Systems
Our eCommerce web development services will increase your sales by delivering B2B and B2C platforms that allow multiple payment options, live chats, and product navigation.
ERP Systems
Cash, raw materials, or manufacturing capacity — and workflow statuses may be monitored using a tailored ERP solution that integrates with other enterprise applications.
CRM Software 
If you want to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service operations, a CRM platform is the ideal solution for automating communication procedures and enhancing the customer experience.
CMS Solutions
CMS software frequently accompanies website construction as a potent instrument for maximizing website content, reducing maintenance expenses, and enhancing platform speed.
Web Portal Applications
There are a variety of methods in which online portals are utilized in the world of web applications, as they have grown in popularity. Frequently, a corporation will use a company-facing portal to provide employees with self-service access to information regarding their work or administrative and benefits information.
Web Applications for CMS
A Content Management System, or CMS online application, enables small businesses to effortlessly upload and update website content without requiring extensive web application development abilities. Simple websites with only a few pages are no longer adequate; therefore, the ability to regularly upload blog entries, photographs, videos, reports, and white papers will help your website remain competitive and stand out to search engines.
User Functionality Requirements 
When designing a bespoke web application, it is very necessary to consider the software’s user functionality. If the web application is exclusively intended for internal use, needs such as assigning and defining user roles, access control, document uploading and downloading, client communication capabilities, and task management should be considered.

Why YelloMonkey Labs is your dependable partner in web design and development

Yellomonkey Labs has more than two decades of experience offering end-to-end web application development services to companies in a variety of industries. We develop digital solutions for your mission-critical workflows, ranging from websites to web portals and business systems.

Our experts in bespoke web application development will provide you with software that is user-friendly, scalable, and secure based on an examination of your project specifications. Every member of our development team maintains optimum productivity in order to create a solution that meets your initial objectives.

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By designing a custom web application, businesses may boost the efficiency of their internal processes, provide their clients with features that make purchasing products or services easier, and ultimately stand out from the competition.

Yellomonkey Labs’s bespoke software application developers have years of experience creating and developing custom web applications that allow firms the chance to expand dramatically.


Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about Custom Web Development​

Why should I promote my business online?

With more than 80 percent of all transactions beginning with an online search, it is nearly difficult to dismiss the significance of a good digital presence in the present day. Regardless of the services your company provides, you can practically be assured that prospective consumers will conduct online research to learn more about your company and the best companies to choose from to get started. If your company cannot be located, your competitors will seize the majority of those prospects

Why should I collaborate with Yellomonkey Labs YMfor web design and online marketing?

Although you are not required to work with our company, we strongly advise you to do so. You cannot specialize in online marketing and web development and achieve efficient and effective outcomes if you don’t prioritize online marketing and web development like we do. Choosing an expert is like to knowing you would select the winning lottery ticket before purchasing a ticket. Our company specializes in online marketing and the creation of personalized web presences. 

How long before I may expect to see results?

YML typically recommends more extensive marketing methods that generate quicker results. Nonetheless, if you have a very defined objective, certain services may produce results more quickly. An example would be enabling Pay-Per-Click, which can be implemented fairly fast after setup and drives visitors to your website. Before direct results are noticed, Search Engine Optimization typically takes a longer amount of time.

Do we use themes to build our websites?

Yes. However, our team of developers experts in customizing themes to create unique web presences. In order to expedite the production of our websites, we employ themes as a starting point, but we do not just insert information into a pre-made layout. Our developers will construct your site from the bottom up with bespoke HTML and CSS styles and coding to create a site that is specifically tailored to your aesthetic and services

How will your service make it easy for me to manage the content on my website?

Before any website project enters the development phase, we meticulously outline how the accepted designs will be coded into a functional website. This procedure facilitates the interchangeability of as many website components as possible. Our developers and designers work closely with our clients to give support and make any necessary modifications.

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