YelloMonkey Labs Services :
End to end offerings, from concept to reality.

Data Analytics

We gather the necessary information about your organisation and help you improve your overall efficiency.

Software Development

Convert most of your manual work to automatic processing, streamline all your tasks, and eradicate most of the errors.

Data Visualisation

Understand the latest business trends with the help of high interactive graphical representation of your data.

Data Science

Unlock the value of Data Science and increase the performance of your business.

Video Analytics

Interesting video content generates strong engagement. Analyze the data and unleash the patterns behind the content and the activities taking place

Elastic Solutions

Solve all your problems related to Big Data and handle your unstructured data to enable real-time analysis from visualisations.


Decrease the life cycle of your system development, create a proper architecture for deployment, whether the servers are on-premise or on the cloud.

Data Logging

Know everything that your customers do, trace their footprint in order to analyse them and serve them better.

AI & ML Development

With the next big thing being Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, get your business future-ready with us.

Hello we are, YelloMonkey Labs

We are a San Francisco, USA company dedicated to the R&D of AI technology in the fields of Marketing, Data Analytics, and Robotics. Through the development and integration of web-software infused with effective brand visuals, we provide our clients with the tools necessary to grow their successful business.
Our dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, business analysts, and web developers will assist in developing and executing solutions to your IT problems.
We help companies leap over their goals while resolving issues with customized data visualization that highlights critical bottlenecks.

Why our clients love us :

Yellomonkey brought a strategic and disciplined approach to our website development and design process, with a true focus on our consumers and optimizing their experiences. I am really excited to take the project to the next phase for the brand.

Best Decisions

Data-informed experiences your customers will love.

The best decisions in digital are supported by data. Data helps tell the story of how your customers like to view, navigate, consume, compare, and buy. We analyze and learn from data to build solutions that get real results for your customers and your business.

Digital Strategy

Not just the right tool for the job. The whole toolbox.

Whether you need digital strategy, UX, visual design, software development, or marketing—our expert team of creative problem-solvers comes to the table like we’re part of your team. We care about your brand, so we bring the right people in to strategically design a solution custom-fit to you. We’re here to help you navigate, change, and grow.


Better solutions through our partnerships with Microsoft Gold

We invest in building digital experiences that matter. That’s why we partner with Microsoft, Bing, and other industry-leading technologies. These strategic partnerships let us offer services and benefits that go beyond the standard menu of agency capabilities, enhancing your online presence and keeping your competitive edge sharp.

Just some of the technology we use

Your online presence is crucial to your success.

We leverage the power of flawless web design and optimized digital marketing to improve your business’s online presence.


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